Organizational Announcement- Director of Development and Events Euginnia Manseau

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is excited to announce that Euginnia Manseau has accepted the role of Director of Development and Events with SSCV, effective April 1, 2014.

Euginnia has been with the club for 9 years, and has successfully served in a number of positions including Member Services and most recently as Manager of Events. Euginnia has led the way on a very positive season for the club in many areas, including community, fundraising and competitive events. Highlights included enthusiastically supported Celebration of Winter Cocktail Party and Leadership Council Dinner; two Nor-Am events in both Alpine and Freestyle; and well attended Vail Cup and Town Series races. Euginnia has demonstrated the ability to both effectively organize and oversee events, to drive high levels of participation and to exceed fundraising objectives.

In her new role, Euginnia will be responsible for development and events for the club. She will begin working to seek out candidates for a Development/Event assistant that we expect will start with the club this summer. In the new structure, Euginnia will take the lead on development initiatives, be able to provide a unified voice to our external audiences for fundraising and sponsorship, and integrate development and events to the maximum benefit of the club, the membership and the community. Euginnia will supervise the Development/Event assistant, who will execute events through the season and provide additional support on development initiatives as needed.

As we went through the search to replace Emmy Hoyt, our current Development Manager, we reached out across the Vail Community and received considerable interest both locally and outside of the area. We had more than 30 applicants for the position, interviewed more than 10, and had some terrific candidates to consider. During the search we also looked for ways to leverage some of the common threads in the current structure of our organization, and we ultimately decided that the combination of skills that Euginnia offered in both fundraising and events would lead to the best situation for the club in the future.

As many of you know, Emmy Hoyt is leaving the club at the end of the season. Her last day with SSCV will be May 15. She has graciously agreed to stay on during a transition period to support Euginnia and the organization. Emmy will be relocating to Steamboat full time. We will miss her greatly and we deeply appreciate her contributions while with SSCV.

Please join us in congratulating Euginnia both for her terrific work with the club and for her new and exciting opportunity!

Press Release-U12 Alpine Racers from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Take the First Place Team Trophy in Powderhorn

March 25, 2014, Vail, CO –Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s U12 alpine racers took home the First Place Team Trophy for 2014 during a weekend of races held at Powderhorn Mountain Resort on March 22 and 23 at the Rocky Mountain Division U12 Championships.  Out of 24 possible medals among both the U12 boys and girls (birth years 2002 and 2003) SSCV athletes came home with 14 top three finishes for single run Giant Slalom and Slalom races.

On Saturday, March 22, two giant slalom races were held.  For the girls, SSCV’s Berit Frischolz and Samantha Trudeau each won one event, and Lena Sauter earned a third place.  Wyatt Hall was the top scoring SSCV male athlete with a second place, and Kai McGuffin and Fletcher Holm each took home a third place medal.

Sunday two individual slalom races were held with Samantha Trudeau taking first for both runs, and Nicola Rountree-Williams and Berit Frischolz each placing third.  For the boys, Wyatt Hall and Fletcher Holm each won one run, and Kai McGuffin placed third on the morning run.

SSCV Head U12 Coach Brett Borgard shared, “I could not be more excited for these youngsters.  They have worked so hard all season.  There is really nothing more rewarding than to witness the pride of these athletes individually and as a team in achieving these types of results.”

For a complete list of results go to


Press Release-Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U14 Racers Dominate Rocky Central Jr. Championships

March 25, 2014, Vail, CO - Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) alpine racers emerged as the dominant force at the Rocky Central U14 Junior Championships at Winter Park this past week, taking the Overall Team Award among ski clubs from the Rocky Mountain and Central regions of the U.S.

“Out of 12 races, our young athletes took 25 of a possible 36 podiums.  That is nearly 70% of the top three finishes,” said Terry DelliQuadri, U14 Head Coach for SSCV.  “We have a strong group of dedicated athletes and are happy to see their hard work result in Top 10 finishes for many of our youngsters.”

Junior Championships were hosted by Winter Park Ski Resort on March 19 – 22.  The top qualifying athletes from the Rocky and Central regions were invited to participate in this championship series, competing in four events:  Super G, Kombi, Giant Slalom and Slalom.

In addition to the overall team award, SSCV athletes took three of the top five individual overall awards with Gus LeBlanc in 1st, Max Bervy in 2nd and Burke Fancher in 4th for the Men’s Overall.  For the women, Kaitlyn Harsch took 1st, Cleo Braun took 4th and Allie Resnick took 5th in the Overalls.

Four SSCV athletes qualified to participate in the U16 National Championships which take place in Park City, UT from March 28th -April 3rd.

Gus LeBlanc

Max Bervy

Burke Fancher

Gretchen Pavelich

Seven SSCV athletes, all first year U14’s, were invited to compete in the Can AM U14 Races in Sugarloaf, ME this weekend.

Kaitlyn Harsch

Cleo Braun

Allie Resnick

Amanda Norvell

Caroline Jones

Kellen Kinsella

Tucker Strauch


“SSCV had a large number of female and male athletes qualifying for the U14 Junior Championships, all of which represented our club very well,” continued Delliquadri.  “We are very proud of the hard work that all of our athletes have put into this ski season and look forward to further individual and team successes.”

Top 3 podium results for SSCV athletes at this year’s Rocky Central U14 Junior Championships-

Super-G, Men

1st-Gus LeBlanc

2nd-Max Bervy

3rd-Burke Fancher


1 Run Giant Slalom, Men

2nd-Gus LeBlanc

3rd-Max Bervy


1 Run Giant Slalom, Men

1st-Max Bervy

2nd-Gus LeBlanc

3rd-Burke Fancher


1 Run Slalom

3rd-Gus LeBlanc


1 Run Slalom

1st-Gus LeBlanc



1 Run Kinder Kombi, Men

2nd-Gus LeBlanc

3rd-Burke Fancher


Super-G, Ladies

1st-Gretchen Pavelich

2nd-Kaitlyn Harsch

3rd-Cleo Braun


1 Run Giant Slalom, Ladies

2nd-Kaitlyn Harsch


1 Run Giant Slalom, Ladies

1st-Cleo Braun

3rd-Kaitlyn Harsch


1 Run Slalom, Ladies
1st-Kaitlyn Harsch

2nd-Allie Resnick

3rd-Cleo Braun


1 Run Slalom, Ladies

1st-Amanda Norvell

3rd-Allie Resnick


1 Run Kinder Kombi, Ladies

1st-Kaitlyn Harsch

3rd-Amanda Norvell


For a complete list of results, go to

Press Release-Great Showing by Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U10 Athletes at U10 Championships in Telluride-March 20, 2014

U10 Championships

Twenty Ski & Snowboard Club (SSCV) U10 Age Class alpine racers (birth year 2004 and 2005) travelled the five hours to Telluride for the U10 Championships.  Coaches Simon Marsh, Zane Palmer and Kim Salani were on hand to support these athletes.  The Giant Slalom races took place on Saturday, March 15 and the Slalom Races took place on Sunday, March 16.

These youngsters had a great showing in Telluride with the athletes in the top 10 coming from several different coaches’ groups, reflecting the depth and consistency throughout the SSCV program as well as the strength of its coaching staff.

Top 10 results are noted below.  For a complete list of results go to

Giant Slalom Girls Run 1

3rd – Phoebe Heaydon

4th – Kaitlin Keane

5th – Tianna Bruce

6th – Zoie Palmer

9th – Robin Pavelich

Giant Slalom Girls Run 2

2nd – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Kaitlin Keane

6th – Tianna Bruce

8th – Kjersti Moritz

9th – Zoie Palmer

Giant Slalom Boys Run 1

2nd – Nick Kirwood

3rd – Cole Pattison

6th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

Giant Slalom Boys Run 2

2nd – Cole Pattison

3rd – Nick Kirwood

5th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

Slalom Girls Run 1

3rd – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Tianna Bruce

6th – Robin Pavelich

7th – Zoie Palmer

Slalom Girls Run 2

3rd – Kaitlin Keane

4th – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Tianna Bruce

8th – Robin Pavelich

Slalom Boys Run 1

3rd – Sebastian Kohlhofer

5th – Cole Pattison

Slalom Boys Run 2

3rd – Nick Kirwood

4th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

5th – Cole Pattison

7th – Hunter Salani

What a great job in Telluride from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U10 athletes.

Photograph caption for above photo-Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U10 athletes made the long journey to Telluride to compete in the U10 Championships.

Front Row – Left to Right (Standing)

Tianna Bruce, Spencer Peterson, Nick Kirwood, Cole Pattison, Sebastian Kohlhofer

Seated on Wall – Left to Right

Kaitlin Keane, Phoebe Heaydon, Hunter Salani, Cricket Byrne

Standing at the back – Left to Right

Zoie Palmer, Simon Marsh, Stewie Bruce, Brady Malboeuf, Kim Salani


Press Release-Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U16 athletes excel at Rocky Central U16 Regional Championships

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) qualified a large contingency of alpine racers to the Rocky Central U16 Regional Championships in Steamboat Springs this past week.  This series featured the top qualifying 1998 and 1999 birth year male and female alpine racers in the Rocky Central Region, a season long aspiration for all U16 racers.

SSCV Men’s Top Results

SSCV men took 6 of the top 10 places in Downhill and 5 of the top 10 places in Super G, Giant Slalom and Slalom.

Downhill: River Radamus 2nd, Jack Keane 3rd, Luke Vickerman 4th, Colby Lange 6th, Matt Macaluso 7th and Bridger Gile 10th.

Super G: River Radamus 1st, Colby Lange 3rd, Jack Keane 4th, Bridger Gile 6th and Kaison Lavicka 10th.

Giant Slalom: River Radamus 1st, Jack Keane 2nd and Bridger Gile 3rd for the podium sweep!  Kaison Lavicka 6th and Jacob Dilling 7th.

Slalom: Paul Cuthbertson 5th, Jacob Dilling 6th, Colby Lange 8th, Ryan Collins 9th and Matt Macaluso 10th.

SSCV Women’s Top Results

Downhill:  Luci Bailey 5th, Jennie Symons 8th, Nellie Talbot 9th and Jessica McMurtry 10th

Super G: Luci Bailey 3rd, Jess McMurtry 5th and Jennie Symons 6th

Giant Slalom: Luci Bailey 2nd

Slalom: Jennie Symons 4th

For a complete list of results go to

The Next Step for the Top Performing U16 Athletes

Several of the top performing SSCV athletes are moving on to the U16 Nationals in Park City being held from March 28 – April 2, with the next group of performers qualifying for the Can Ams being held on March 20-25 in Apex British Columbia.

US 16 Nationals Qualifying Athletes

River Radamus, SSCV athlete training with the National Training Group,  along with SSCV athletes Paul Cuthbertson, Ryan Collins, Jack Keane, Bridger Gile, Colby Lange, Jessica McMurtry,  Jennie Symons, Nellie Talbot, and Luci Bailey are heading off to this event where the top U16 qualifying athletes from around the country will gather.

Can Am Qualifiying Athletes

SSCV’s Luke Vickerman, Jacob Dilling, Kaison Lavicka, Matt Macaluso and Katelin Hennum are Canada bound.

SSCV is extremely proud of all of its athletes who qualified to represent the team at these prestigious follow-on events in Park City and Apex.