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Hello HS Tuesday Freeski Crew,
There is no rest for a competitive freeski athlete. Even through many of you skied all last week, competed in hp on the weekend, free skied the pow on Sunday and had RevTour competition practice yesterday…. you STILL showed up today for Tuesday Tramps and MFC Workout!  #GoldStar    …and a Gold Star also goes out to coaches Jason and Jake for keeping the same relentless schedule as the athletes.  Ooops! Another Gold Star goes out to Pete OBrien and Dave Zweig -they are on hill at Copper right now!  #VailFreeskiHasHeart
We had a mix of athletes for Tuesday Tramps and MFC Workout.   We started off as one crew in the trampoline room. (You’ll see in the video some funny antics from the MS crew in the background).  Also in the video, you will see we used the lines on the trampoline to simulate a halfpipe deck line. It was really helpful for some of the athletes who haven’t tried this before. Take off on the red line and travel to the next red line.  We also brought out the secret weapons. The tramp skis. These are a special model that Pete and I found while in New Zealand two summer ago, i researched it and then bought a pair for our team. These are expensive, but very realistic! In the right setting they can fix an athletes trick, help them learn ski balance and swing weight,  or just help them “get the grab”.
Paula, Zach, Duke and Leo gave the tramp skis a go!   Bobby was working on comp sim full runs.  Zach and Felix practiced their right side spins. Yea, not their favorite, but the practice on the tramp DID make their tricks better. Go figure!  Both are feeling better about trying these on snow tomorrow. Alli worked on corked9 and Right540s. Pearson had a variety pack going on… trying a little of everything.  Finn worked on a variety of tricks also and a few silly ones! It is always good to have
After a long session of trampoline we head over to the MFC. We pushed though our workout in less than an hour and had time to experiment with some new machines. Check it out at the end of the video. Zac was working on one footed balance work and Bobby was working on his switch skiing…. it actually looked a bit like he was surfing. Ahhhh dreaming of Hawaii….  Anyone going there for the Holidays?  Can i come? :)
Don’t forget to check the team calendar for the holiday break ski schedule.

Video Below
RevTour Schedule attached

Airbag update:
Tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon,  we move the airbag on hill.  Thursday we can use it if this fits into our schedule.
It was my pleasure to be your coach today.  
Good luck on your VSSA Finals and Bon Chance á RevTour.

Let it snow
E. Chase
Programs Director
Big Mountain | Park & Pipe | Snowboard
Ski & Snowboard Club Vail
Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy
Freeski Club of the Year 2013
Freeski Club of the Year 2014
Snowboard Club of Year 2014

SSCV tips & web site updates to help you remain well-informed all season

Communication Is Key

SSCV Tips and Web Site Updates to Help You Remain Well-Informed All Season

SSCV  just launched a series of web site updates to make it easier for you  to access information  that will help you remain well-informed  all season.  Highlights of these web site updates along with a summary of other important forms of SSCV  communications to help keep you informed are summarized below.

Communications are always more fun when they come with photos.  Click here to become a volunteer photographer (while earning volunteer points at the same time-details below), or just send in a great high resolution photo with a caption now and then to


OVERVIEW-The SSCV Web Site contains a great deal of valuable information, including program descriptions, training and competition schedules/information, human performance offerings, camps, special events, giving and volunteer opportunities, the full-time athlete admissions process, SSCV academic partners, etc. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the web site, and in particular your child’s program description (under Programs along the top bar) and any related links, including Calendars, accessed  from that program description page.

  • NEW FEATURE-News, Press, Events Calendar-this is a new web site feature which allows you to access all of the below items from the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at
  • NEW FEATURE-SSCV Blogs-at the Blogs button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at or accessed under News, Press, Events Calendar button on same bar
    • blogs from Aldo Radamus, Brandon Dyksterhouse, Erin Beskid, Elana Chase, John Cole, John Dowling, Karen Ghent, Geoff Grimmer, Dan Weiland and Rob Worrell-check back for new posts from time to time

SSCV Clubhouse News

OVERVIEW-This electronic club-wide publication is emailed to you at the email address you provided us during online club registration on a regular basis throughout the season, and every 6-8 weeks during the off-season.  It comes from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (

  • Content?  It includes club-wide announcements, news, updates, upcoming events, giving and volunteer opportunities, links to SSCV Blogs, SSCV press coverage, News from SSCV, TV appearances, highlights of various competitions, athlete accomplishments, photos,  press releases, etc.  The goal of the publication is to keep you informed of  club-wide news as well as provide you an overview of what is  happening in the various SSCV snowsports.
  • Not receiving it?    If it is not in your spam folder, please  to be placed on the email distribution list.
  • Your email address changed?  Please update it on your mysscv account at at the Login/Enroll button along the top  bar.  This will automatically update the email address where you receive the SSCV Clubhouse News.  Alternatively, you may email with your new email.
  • Prefer to find it online?  It is posted to the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Facebook page and SSCV Twitter account at the locations noted below and can also be found on the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar

Stand-alone Emails from SSCV Management Team, Program Directors, Coaches and Other Staff Members

OVERVIEW-You will  receive program specific emails which may come from the Program Director,  head coach and/or primary coach of your child’s program to keep you informed about program specific topics and  activities of your child’s  program.  From time to time you may receive stand alone club-wide emails with critical information that cannot wait to be circulated until the next SSCV Clubhouse News.  

SSCV Club-wide Social Media

OVERVIEW-SSCV has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and will make ongoing posts throughout the season of athletic, academic and organizational announcements, athlete accomplishments, press releases, newsletters, photos, upcoming events, etc., so check back often.  Instagram is photo posts only.

SSCV Volunteer Photographer Opportunities

Capture great photos of your children and their teammates

Earn Volunteer Points at the same time

We need your help in capturing SSCV athletes on camera this season for use in SSCV marketing materials, social media, the web site, newsletters, etc., etc.  This is a great opportunity to earn SSCV volunteer points while watching your child ski or ride.  If you don’t have a camera suited for outdoor action shots SSCV can lend you one for the day.

Click here for volunteer photography opportunities.  Volunteer points below:

  • 60 volunteer points-all volunteer photography opportunities at above link except Alpine Town Series Races and Nordic Town Series Races which are much shorter time period
  • 20 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Race
  • 10 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Awards and Apres Ski Party
  • 30 volunteer points total-Nordic Town Series Race, Awards and Apres Ski Party

If you cannot commit to a volunteer photographer position but you capture any great photographs of your children or their SSCV teammates on snow or off (high resolution if at all possible of 1MB or more) please forward to with a note of where the shot was taken and who is in the shot for the uses noted above.

Risk Management

As we anxiously waited for the Golden Peak Competition Arena to turn from brown to white and Chair 6 to spin this November, SSCV Alpine staff was also formulating a plan to protect the training venue in anticipation of finally skiing on Golden Peak. Ski racing is a risky sport that involves navigating numerous variables: fluctuating terrain, variable conditions and visibility, speeds ranging up to 40-50 mph on a regular basis, and natural obstacles. The job of the ski coach is to plan training progressions, connect with and inspire their athletes, know the rules of the sport, set and prepare the training environment, and know how to minimize risk.

Setting up the training venue

Setting up the training venue

Our coaches work hard to protect our environment, understand how the courses they set interact with the natural environment – hill slope, obstacles to avoid, predictable outcomes in the case of falls or equipment failure. They put in many hours of work installing nets from the top of our training hill to the bottom, in many cases doubling the layers of nets. An astute observer would have noticed that the initial net set-up occurred in one early morning and have been reset already three or four times as the snow has accumulated, melted, or frozen.

Wading in powder

Wading in powder

Our coaches have been riding in snow cats to make sure the surface is prepared exactly how we want it and directing the driver to push snow into thin areas. Teams of coaches have been out before and after dark with headlamps, injecting the snow with water to make a firmer surface; “buttoning up” nets; transporting and caching nets for efficient installation, and checking proper set-up of the protective measures.

This is all in an effort to provide the most effective and secure training for our kids. The quality of the SSCV training environment and the support of Vail Resorts are unparalleled anywhere in the US. I am not sure our kids know how good they have it! SSCV Alpine staff are grateful for the opportunity of training young kids in a quality environment, and don’t take lightly the responsibility of teaching kids to push limits while caring for their well being. I, for one, appreciate their dedication and hope to highlight their professionalism to you, the parent and athlete. When you have the chance, thank them for putting in the long hours and hard work!

Rookie Team – 1st weekend!


Freeski Post

Ho ho ho… here we go!  The first weekend of Rookie Team is in the books!

First Day of Rookie Team is in the books. Phew! It has been a fun and an action packed weekend with many moving details.  Friday night, then Saturday and now it is a Sunny Sunday!

Thank you to everyone that attended the “Meet & Greet” meeting on Friday night;  parents, athletes, coaches, grandparents and babysitters!

Yesterday we started with groups based on all the information we gathered. Soon after we turned on our walkie talkies and starting swapping athletes to fine tune the groups. By the end of the day, everyone had a good day with only a few changed in groups needed as we headed into Sunday morning.  I want to thank everyone for understanding that it takes a few days to learn about all the kids’ personality, ages, the dynamics, their interests, social network, comp interests and skill levels.

Things not mentioned at meeting:

Lunch? We eat on the mountain. WE do not come back to SSCV for a brown bag lunch. Having a sandwich in their pocket, resort charge, or money in the athlete’s pocket is the best option. We prefer the athletes do not ski with a backpack, unless there are medical reasons.

Medical? Let us know if you son or daughter has any ailments that we should be aware of.

Epic Mix? If you set up an account, you can follow (track) your kids on the mountain through Epic Mix.

Uniform? This team does not have team jackets, but you can talk to Meg if you really really want one :)

Information? Primary sources of information are:

  1. Program description
  2. Rookie Team Calendar
  3. Team Sign Up Form
  4. Our emails that we send you each night after skiing.

Holiday training?

If you are wondering about the upcoming holidays: Please review calendar for Rookie Team. Click on any item for more information.


*if a child has goals to participate is some local competitions, ie Vail, Copper, Breck, Sunlight and et etcetera please review the events that we have chosen as ‘appropriate’ for a Rookie Teamers – click on Rookie Team calendar link.

For competitions, athletes need to complete Team Sign Up form online (its free) and also pay the competition Registration Fee online. Complete this for each event chosen and we can help you with the rest of the details.

Freeski Team Sign Up Link for competitions

The freeski home page has information about Big Mountain and Park & Pipe Competitions. For USASA (Park & Pipe) or IFSA (lil’Big Mountain) athlete will need a competitor license. The link can be found on this page.

Note: Each parent / athlete will be receiving another email today with their contact coach’s information. Look for that today at 5pm-ish. You will receive an email from the contact coach and details about how the day went….  

An updated coach list and contact information will be emailed to you. There were typos on the sheet I distributed last Friday night :

Any question, send me an email.


Let it snow

E. Chase

Programs Director

Big Mountain | Park & Pipe | Snowboard

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy

m: 860.227.5940

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TV 8-Minturn Fitness Center Holiday Special plus MFC Workout Video

Click here for a TV 8 segment on the Minturn Fitness Center, including its holiday special.  Sign up now to get December 2014 for free and 20% off a 2015 annual membership.

There is a great workout video included in this TV8 segment taking place at the Minturn Fitness Center .

SSCV’s 2014-2015 Season begins with the world arriving in Vail to train on Golden Peak

Visiting Athletes from Around the World Enjoy Golden Peak Race Arena Opening

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail “Perspectives”

Vail Daily – December 1, 2014

Extended periods of cold and natural snowfall arrived a bit later than normal to Vail this season, but by no means dampened the spirits of competitive snowsports athletes of all ages from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) as well as those arriving from around the world to train at Golden Peak.  With the unseasonably warm fall weather, Vail Resorts mountain snow makers, groomers and SSCV operations worked through the night in early November to capture those precious moments when temperature and humidity cooperated to enable the production of manmade snow. Mother Nature stepped in with an arctic cold blast and extended periods of heavy snowfall instantly changing the lingering summer to full winter conditions.

Following three days of non-stop grooming efforts of Vail Resorts, an all hands on deck effort of 40 SSCV Alpine Coaches at dawn setting up the B-net created the “perfect race arena” overnight at Golden Peak for local youth, visiting academy and collegiate athletes and World Cup athletes alike. National Teams from more than 15 nations, college and university teams from both east coast and western colleges and junior teams from around the country descended on Vail to take advantage of what many visiting teams called “the best training in the world”.

Minturn Fitness Center Provides Further Resources for Visiting Athletes

Adding to the training opportunities of our visiting teams this season were the facilities for strength training and conditioning at the Minturn Fitness Center, the newly opened human performance center adjacent to Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy in Minturn. Opened in late summer, the Minturn Fitness Center (MFC) was the result of a partnership between the Town of Minturn and SSCV. Open to the public, as well as for the training of athletes, the MFC provides individual and family memberships and is currently offering a “New Year’s” special on annual memberships with December included free!

Excitement Builds for What’s to Come in the 2014-2015 Season

Nothing can quite compare to the excitement of these first few weeks at Golden Peak as SSCV and visiting youth and collegiate athletes realize the fruits of their off-season labors at summer training camps and fall conditioning sessions and as our elite level international guests ready themselves for their early season World Cup starts in North America.  The excitement is multiplied this year as so many of these visiting world-class athletes, including SSCV alumni, aspire to be back in the Vail Valley for the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in February, an event second only to the Olympics in terms of prestige.

The Alpine Bank Get in the Gates Recreational Race Program-an exciting new SSCV offering for 2014-2015

This past weekend SSCV began a new community-focused program at Golden Peak sponsored by Alpine Bank–the Get in the Gates Recreational Race Program.   This program is available to all ages and abilities. Whether just wanting to improve skiing skills through running gates, getting a head start on town series, supplementing high school training, preparing for Vail Cup or adding to Buddy Werner Program training; Get in the Gates is for you!  Held every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from November 29 through March 15 (excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) racers and aspiring racers can get time in the gates at Golden Peak under the leadership of former US Ski Team Coach and SSCV Executive Director Erik Steinberg.

A total of 60 sessions and total of 120 hours of training are offered at an introductory price of $895. Any junior skier may apply for an SSCV “Simple” Scholarship of up to $500 providing the season long program for under $400! The Alpine Bank Get in the Gates program provides accessibility to ski race training for everyone in the Vail Valley.

Financial Accessibility and Continuing Development of the Youth of the Vail Valley in the Forefront for 2014-2015 Season

If you live in Eagle County, an SSCV postcard mailer has arrived at your home outlining the importance of SSCV snowsports programs as a vehicle for developing the youth of our Valley into confident and productive young men and women and the critical role which SSCV scholarships play in achieving these goals.   I ask you to please take a moment to read through this piece to gain a better understanding of what SSCV seeks to accomplish for local youngsters, and to then consider supporting SSCV’s scholarship goals.  Whether SSCV leads these children to becoming World Cup racers taking their early season turns at Golden Peak or to becoming confident, focused and resilient young adults through the vehicle of competitive snowsports, they all have the opportunity to develop character, courage and commitment learning valuable life lessons while developing a love for the outdoors, healthy lifestyles and a passion for life.

Staying Completely Focused at Training and Races

Recently a coach shared that the biggest thing I could help with this season is to help the athletes stay completely focused at training and races.  This seems to be a common theme being echoed by many coaches of both the physical and mental sides.  Here we must consider that it in not the goal to be 100% focused during every second of training or competition, rather the right kind of focus during the right situation.

First, you must know why you are doing what you are doing. If your motivation is not clear it can be easy for your mind to wander.  People have many reasons for doing things. The ones based on our own intrinsic motivations are the most powerful.  Some questions to consider when trying to answer  ‘why’.

Why did you choose to commit to your sport at this level?

Why do you show up to dryland?

What do you love about your sport?

How does skiing or riding make you feel?

Who is someone that you look up to?

What moments have given you the greatest satisfaction in your sport? What made them so satisfying?

“I want to win, and having the gold medal as my goal forces me to ski or ride to win. But what I love to do, what my dream is, is to compete to win.”

This athlete is motivated by their dream (the love of competition) every day to work in the direction of their goals.

Second, we must consider what to focus on during training. Consider the following principles of quality practice. Quality practice is the way in which it is suggested that we reach 10,000 hours of practice to become an ‘expert’. The take home here being it matters how we train, not just the time put in.

Practice makes permanent- the thing you do most is what will come out when you are under stress (during competition).

Concentrated effort- Do you practice just to practice? Do you practice and practice, then get in a game and practice more? The purpose of practice is to prepare to perform.

Practice with a purpose – what can I do today in practice to make myself better? What specifically am I going to work on?

And Finally, it is important to know exactly how to practice your attention control. It is a skill that can be improved. Good intentions of practicing with a purpose for example will only get you so far.

One way to improve focus is to simply notice your mind is wandering, and without judgment bring it back to the activity.  With practice you will notice your mind wandering sooner, it will become easier not to judge that thought and bring it back, and you will find yourself being off topic less and less.

Sometimes focus can be a word thrown around like the action to take after is very clear, but often times it is not. Hopefully now you will have more direction in how to get the most out of training and competing.

Here’s to passion (why), precisions (what) and practice (how)!