SSCV 2013-2014 Annual Report & Invitation to Celebrate the Legacy and Cast your Vote for the Future

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) has just released its 2013-2014 Annual Report which includes a report of the past fiscal year in words, numbers and pictures and a look towards the future.   While 2013-2014 was an outstanding year for the Club and its athletes, I remain focused on and excited for what lies ahead in bringing the organization “to the next level” in 2014-2015 and beyond.  I am excited to share the annual report with you and ask you to take a moment to review it in its entirety by clicking here.

A Video Reflection of SSCV

-Your Online Vote (you can vote once per day) Can Help Jumpstart SSCV’s “Opportunity Fund” Scholarship Initiative

-The Ski Club with the most votes for its video wins $25,000

An important future initiative highlighted in the Club’s 2013-2014 Annual Report is the Opportunity Fund being created to provide accessibility for local kids.   Please help us jumpstart this fund by voting today and once per day everyday thereafter through February 14 for SSCV’s video at this link.  The ski club receiving the most votes in the “Ski Club Video Challenge” sponsored by the Vail Valley Foundation will receive $25,000 after the culmination of the 2015 World Championships.

An Invitation to Celebrate the Legacy-SSCV Alumni Reunion Weekend

Featuring the first SSCV Hall of Fame/Wall of Excellence Celebration on February 7

How fitting it is at this moment to invite you to join SSCV in celebrating the legacy created over the past 52 years by the many current and former athletes, parents and staff, along with friends of SSCV, at SSCV’s Alumni Reunion Weekend (February 6-8) featuring our first Hall of Fame and Wall of Excellence Induction Celebration on Saturday, February 7 at 6:30 pm at the Four Seasons Vail.  Without our nominees (listed below) and the rest of the community working alongside of them over the past 52 years, SSCV would not be where it is today.  The induction celebration is sure to be a fun and engaging evening for current and alumni athletes and families along with members of the community. Please plan to attend and help pass the word along.

The Early Purchase Discount of $49/per person for Saturday evening’s induction celebration and $99/person ($79/person for recent alumni) for the weekend’s events has been extended to February 1. Click here for details and here to purchase tickets and sponsorships or call 970-790-5161.

SSCV 2015 Nominees

 Hall of Fame and Wall of Excellence

Hall of Fame

Athlete Category

Sarah Schleper
Leader Category

Vi and Byron Brown

Wall of Excellence

Athlete Category
Rudd Pyles-Knutzen
John Buxman
Jeff Gorsuch
Chad Fleischer
Ali Levy
Sylvan Ellefson

Leader Category
Tom Pitcher
Pete Seibert, Jr.
Larry Benway
Mike Porter

Hanging Out On the Hill…





So, what do you do when you are on the hill and at races/competitions with athletes?

This seems to be a common question when I meet folks out on the hill and at races. Great question!

The answer can be described in three levels. The first level involves becoming part of the scene, part of the furniture to help coaches and athletes feel comfortable with a Peak Performance Coach being around. Another aspect of the first level involves observing the team, learning more about the environment and getting to know individuals more personally.

The second level involves being with a team to answer questions, brainstorm with the athletes, find teachable moments and help implement group goals. An additional aspect here is to be available for conversations and interactions with athletes who prefer brief or informal interactions vs. formal sit down meetings.

The third level involves working individually with an athlete in their sport venue. Most elite athletes have put much time in during the summer and fall so that during the winter they can focus on using and tweaking their mental game.  The goal is to be there for live feedback or intervention in pursuit of the athlete’s specific mental goals.





Recently while attending a race in Aspen Coach Rob Worell shared the low down on a SG course.


Flying Vee

Vail and Beaver Creek Welcomes the World – So Does SSCV!

Vail / Beaver Creek welcomes the world – So does SSCV!

In a short month from now, Vail and Beaver Creek will be hosting the 2015 World Ski Championships. What does this mean for our resort and what does it mean for our club? It turns out, it means a great deal to us as a Ski Club and we are grateful the event is coming to town.

Vail Resorts is our biggest supporter and without a doubt, the most generous resort company to any American ski club. They deliver endless support to us by providing a private training venue, ski passes to our staff, race support, and grooming support to identify some of the measurable items afforded to our club. More difficult to measure is the philosophical backing they provide. They understand what we are about. They are open to our ideas, our desire to provide a first class training environment, and ambitions. We work closely with the race department, ski school, grooming and management on a daily basis and strive to nurture a symbiotic relationship in order to maintain a cooperative working relationship at all times.

When the World Cup comes to town, we are ready to help. Ski Club Alpine coaches provide the expert support in order to prepare the courses and set up the venue to the high expectations of the best in the World. Indeed, Beaver Creek is the recipient of the highest accolades of all the World Cup stops, thanks to the professional race departments and the support from our Ski Club staff and athletes.

This year, with the World Alpine Ski Championships, we are requested to provide more than the normal support that would be asked of us when hosting only a World Cup. Our athletes will have up-close-and-personal access to the best in the world in our sport. Our kids don’t realize that most clubs do not see these athletes on their training hill on a regular basis like we are able to on Gold Peak and Birds of Prey. This visual is some of the most valuable training a young athlete can have.

Because we recognize the value in having the best of the best here, we make every effort to expose our athletes to it, and support it however possible. Because this will affect our resources, we have learned to plan accordingly so our athletes continue to have the training they need to be prepared for their races. Our Head Coaches plan the most effective and efficient schedule for staff and athletes to minimize any impact on the programming. Staff will be split up and will work together to make sure athletes are being taken care of, while we are pulled to support the event. Our priority is our athletes, and we are obliged to help with the Championships.

We thank Vail Resorts and appreciate all they do for us. We thank you, our athletes and parents for your understanding and support. We are excited that we have these amazing opportunities right here on our playground!