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So, what do you do when you are on the hill and at races/competitions with athletes?

This seems to be a common question when I meet folks out on the hill and at races. Great question!

The answer can be described in three levels. The first level involves becoming part of the scene, part of the furniture to help coaches and athletes feel comfortable with a Peak Performance Coach being around. Another aspect of the first level involves observing the team, learning more about the environment and getting to know individuals more personally.

The second level involves being with a team to answer questions, brainstorm with the athletes, find teachable moments and help implement group goals. An additional aspect here is to be available for conversations and interactions with athletes who prefer brief or informal interactions vs. formal sit down meetings.

The third level involves working individually with an athlete in their sport venue. Most elite athletes have put much time in during the summer and fall so that during the winter they can focus on using and tweaking their mental game.  The goal is to be there for live feedback or intervention in pursuit of the athlete’s specific mental goals.





Recently while attending a race in Aspen Coach Rob Worell shared the low down on a SG course.


Flying Vee

Vail and Beaver Creek Welcomes the World – So Does SSCV!

Vail / Beaver Creek welcomes the world – So does SSCV!

In a short month from now, Vail and Beaver Creek will be hosting the 2015 World Ski Championships. What does this mean for our resort and what does it mean for our club? It turns out, it means a great deal to us as a Ski Club and we are grateful the event is coming to town.

Vail Resorts is our biggest supporter and without a doubt, the most generous resort company to any American ski club. They deliver endless support to us by providing a private training venue, ski passes to our staff, race support, and grooming support to identify some of the measurable items afforded to our club. More difficult to measure is the philosophical backing they provide. They understand what we are about. They are open to our ideas, our desire to provide a first class training environment, and ambitions. We work closely with the race department, ski school, grooming and management on a daily basis and strive to nurture a symbiotic relationship in order to maintain a cooperative working relationship at all times.

When the World Cup comes to town, we are ready to help. Ski Club Alpine coaches provide the expert support in order to prepare the courses and set up the venue to the high expectations of the best in the World. Indeed, Beaver Creek is the recipient of the highest accolades of all the World Cup stops, thanks to the professional race departments and the support from our Ski Club staff and athletes.

This year, with the World Alpine Ski Championships, we are requested to provide more than the normal support that would be asked of us when hosting only a World Cup. Our athletes will have up-close-and-personal access to the best in the world in our sport. Our kids don’t realize that most clubs do not see these athletes on their training hill on a regular basis like we are able to on Gold Peak and Birds of Prey. This visual is some of the most valuable training a young athlete can have.

Because we recognize the value in having the best of the best here, we make every effort to expose our athletes to it, and support it however possible. Because this will affect our resources, we have learned to plan accordingly so our athletes continue to have the training they need to be prepared for their races. Our Head Coaches plan the most effective and efficient schedule for staff and athletes to minimize any impact on the programming. Staff will be split up and will work together to make sure athletes are being taken care of, while we are pulled to support the event. Our priority is our athletes, and we are obliged to help with the Championships.

We thank Vail Resorts and appreciate all they do for us. We thank you, our athletes and parents for your understanding and support. We are excited that we have these amazing opportunities right here on our playground!

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Announces SSCV Alumni Reunion Weekend and Inaugural Hall of Fame and Wall of Excellence Inductees-Part 1

Invites Community to Celebrate-February 6th-8th

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail “Perspectives”

Vail Daily-December 15, 2014

Preparations began over a year ago for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s (SSCV) Alumni Reunion Weekend; a community-wide celebration taking place February 6-8 during the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.  The highlight of the weekend is SSCV’s first Hall of Fame and Wall of Excellence induction.

The Athlete Category includes SSCV alumni from each of the decades of the club’s 52 year history who represented Vail and SSCV as members of the national team or as NCAA All-Americans. The Leader Category recognizes volunteers, staff and community members who worked tirelessly to fulfill the mission of SSCV, provided inspiration and leadership to the kids or advanced snow sports in the Vail Valley.

I am proud to announce this year’s SSCV Hall of Fame and Wall of Excellence nominees in a two part series, starting in my column this week with the Wall of Excellence nominees.   I am also excited to share with you that there remains a long and ever-growing lineage of SSCV athletes and leaders who will share these walls and halls with this inaugural group in the years to come.

SSCV Wall of Excellence-Athlete Category

Rudd Pyles-Knutzen-Rudd was among the first group of Ski Club Vail racers, transitioning to Vail in the early sixties via A-Basin after Climax Ski Area closed.  He was the first SSCV athlete named to the US Ski Team A Team with a specialty in downhill followed by several more exciting years on Bob Beattie’s World Pro Skiing Tour.

Johnny Buxman-Johnny spent his entire youth racing career at Ski Club Vail.  A slalom specialist, he challenged some of the top ski racers in the world, including Phil and Steve Mahre.  Johnny earned US Ski Team A Team status and earned many top World Cup finishes.

Jeff Gorsuch-Jeff grew up in Vail as a member of the Ski Club Vail program.  He was named to the US Ski Team where he competed as a downhill specialist and was also a racer representative on the Ski Club Vail board.  Jeff remains involved in the industry as an executive of Gorsuch Ltd. and serving on the Aspen Valley Ski Club board.

Chad Fleischer-Moving to the Vail Valley from Nebraska, Chad began ski racing at Ski Club Vail and rose to become a member of the US Ski Team A Team. He competed in multiple Olympics and World Championships and earned a World Cup podium.  Chad also served on the SSCV board and started the Chad Fleischer Ski & Tee Scholarship Fundraiser which raised more than a hundred thousand dollars for kids over the span of a decade.

Ali Levy- Ali was the first athlete to make the US Freestyle team while training with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail.  She competed on the Nor-Am and World Cup Moguls tour for two years and went on to obtain her undergraduate degree from Middlebury College and Masters Degree from BU. She currently lives and works in the Boston area in the sports apparel industry.

Sylvan Ellefson-Sylvan started with SSCV as an alpine racer and added Nordic skiing to his repertoire while at Vail Mountain School, earning the Colorado Skimeister title. An All-American Nordic athlete at Bates College, Sylvan returned to SSCV’s Nordic Team after graduation where he enjoyed multiple World Cup starts and a 2014 US National Championship. Recently retired after his Olympic Team bid, Sylvan now heads the SSCV Nordic Future Stars program.

SSCV Wall of Excellence-Leader Category

Tom Pitcher-While living in Texas, Tom and his family took an unexpected ski vacation in Vail when there turned out to be no snow in Taos.  Loving it, the family spent the next winter here and transitioned to full-time residents the following year. While a pilot for Delta Airlines, Tom’s children ski raced with SSCV and Tom and wife Kay spent every free moment volunteering at the Club.  Whether helping to build the clubhouse, being a race referee or serving as an SSCV Trustee and Board President, Tom’s leadership and commitment left a mark on SSCV.

Pete Seibert Jr.-As an SSCV athlete, parent, Trustee and Board President, Pete has not only experienced but contributed to the forward movement of the Club in many special ways over several generations. His wisdom and direction in facilitating progress in the development of facilities such as the expansion of early season snowmaking at Golden Peak has had a transformative impact on the club and the community.

Larry Benway-Among his many contributions over his years at SSCV as a Trustee and Board President, Larry is responsible for the inception and implementation of the early form of SSCV Winter Tutorial.  The addition of this academic component to the Club has evolved to become today’s groundbreaking Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy

Mike Porter-The day to day leadership, innovation and professionalism that Mike brought to SSCV throughout most of the 1980’s as Executive Director and Head Coach propelled the club to a new level, achieving great strides as an organization and in the development of highly successful national team and collegiate athletes.  Bringing in-depth knowledge of PSIA methodologies and race coaching, coach and athlete development came to the forefront.

Although the Club has evolved a great deal over the past 52 years, our core values of character, courage and commitment have remained steadfast as have the life changing opportunities afforded to the youth of the Vail Valley.  Please join us on February 6, 7 and 8 to celebrate this community legacy.

For details and a schedule of events go to the Alumni tab at www.skiclubvail.org, email sschmidt@skiclubvail.org or call 970-790-5161.  Stay tuned next week to hear about our Hall of Fame Nominees and more Alumni Reunion Weekend details.




Blog Post, Tuesday, December 15, 2014

Hello HS Tuesday Freeski Crew,
There is no rest for a competitive freeski athlete. Even through many of you skied all last week, competed in hp on the weekend, free skied the pow on Sunday and had RevTour competition practice yesterday…. you STILL showed up today for Tuesday Tramps and MFC Workout!  #GoldStar    …and a Gold Star also goes out to coaches Jason and Jake for keeping the same relentless schedule as the athletes.  Ooops! Another Gold Star goes out to Pete OBrien and Dave Zweig -they are on hill at Copper right now!  #VailFreeskiHasHeart
We had a mix of athletes for Tuesday Tramps and MFC Workout.   We started off as one crew in the trampoline room. (You’ll see in the video some funny antics from the MS crew in the background).  Also in the video, you will see we used the lines on the trampoline to simulate a halfpipe deck line. It was really helpful for some of the athletes who haven’t tried this before. Take off on the red line and travel to the next red line.  We also brought out the secret weapons. The tramp skis. These are a special model that Pete and I found while in New Zealand two summer ago, i researched it and then bought a pair for our team. These are expensive, but very realistic! In the right setting they can fix an athletes trick, help them learn ski balance and swing weight,  or just help them “get the grab”.
Paula, Zach, Duke and Leo gave the tramp skis a go!   Bobby was working on comp sim full runs.  Zach and Felix practiced their right side spins. Yea, not their favorite, but the practice on the tramp DID make their tricks better. Go figure!  Both are feeling better about trying these on snow tomorrow. Alli worked on corked9 and Right540s. Pearson had a variety pack going on… trying a little of everything.  Finn worked on a variety of tricks also and a few silly ones! It is always good to have
After a long session of trampoline we head over to the MFC. We pushed though our workout in less than an hour and had time to experiment with some new machines. Check it out at the end of the video. Zac was working on one footed balance work and Bobby was working on his switch skiing…. it actually looked a bit like he was surfing. Ahhhh dreaming of Hawaii….  Anyone going there for the Holidays?  Can i come? :)
Don’t forget to check the team calendar for the holiday break ski schedule.

Video Below
 TuesdayTrampsTimeDec16  http://vimeo.com/114709583
RevTour Schedule attached

Airbag update:
Tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon,  we move the airbag on hill.  Thursday we can use it if this fits into our schedule.
It was my pleasure to be your coach today.  
Good luck on your VSSA Finals and Bon Chance á RevTour.

Let it snow
E. Chase
Programs Director
Big Mountain | Park & Pipe | Snowboard
Ski & Snowboard Club Vail
Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy
Freeski Club of the Year 2013
Freeski Club of the Year 2014
Snowboard Club of Year 2014

SSCV tips & web site updates to help you remain well-informed all season

Communication Is Key

SSCV Tips and Web Site Updates to Help You Remain Well-Informed All Season

SSCV  just launched a series of web site updates to make it easier for you  to access information  that will help you remain well-informed  all season.  Highlights of these web site updates along with a summary of other important forms of SSCV  communications to help keep you informed are summarized below.

Communications are always more fun when they come with photos.  Click here to become a volunteer photographer (while earning volunteer points at the same time-details below), or just send in a great high resolution photo with a caption now and then to sschmidt@skiclubvail.org.

SSCV Web Site-www.skiclubvail.org

OVERVIEW-The SSCV Web Site contains a great deal of valuable information, including program descriptions, training and competition schedules/information, human performance offerings, camps, special events, giving and volunteer opportunities, the full-time athlete admissions process, SSCV academic partners, etc. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the web site, and in particular your child’s program description (under Programs along the top bar) and any related links, including Calendars, accessed  from that program description page.

  • NEW FEATURE-News, Press, Events Calendar-this is a new web site feature which allows you to access all of the below items from the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at www.skiclubvail.org
  • NEW FEATURE-SSCV Blogs-at the Blogs button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at www.skiclubvail.org or accessed under News, Press, Events Calendar button on same bar
    • blogs from Aldo Radamus, Brandon Dyksterhouse, Erin Beskid, Elana Chase, John Cole, John Dowling, Karen Ghent, Geoff Grimmer, Dan Weiland and Rob Worrell-check back for new posts from time to time

SSCV Clubhouse News

OVERVIEW-This electronic club-wide publication is emailed to you at the email address you provided us during online club registration on a regular basis throughout the season, and every 6-8 weeks during the off-season.  It comes from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (info@skiclubvail.org).

  • Content?  It includes club-wide announcements, news, updates, upcoming events, giving and volunteer opportunities, links to SSCV Blogs, SSCV press coverage, News from SSCV, TV appearances, highlights of various competitions, athlete accomplishments, photos,  press releases, etc.  The goal of the publication is to keep you informed of  club-wide news as well as provide you an overview of what is  happening in the various SSCV snowsports.
  • Not receiving it?    If it is not in your spam folder, please emailsschmidt@skiclubvail.org  to be placed on the email distribution list.
  • Your email address changed?  Please update it on your mysscv account at  www.skiclubvail.org at the Login/Enroll button along the top  bar.  This will automatically update the email address where you receive the SSCV Clubhouse News.  Alternatively, you may email sschmidt@skiclubvail.org with your new email.
  • Prefer to find it online?  It is posted to the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Facebook page and SSCV Twitter account at the locations noted below and can also be found on the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar atwww.skiclubvail.org

Stand-alone Emails from SSCV Management Team, Program Directors, Coaches and Other Staff Members

OVERVIEW-You will  receive program specific emails which may come from the Program Director,  head coach and/or primary coach of your child’s program to keep you informed about program specific topics and  activities of your child’s  program.  From time to time you may receive stand alone club-wide emails with critical information that cannot wait to be circulated until the next SSCV Clubhouse News.  

SSCV Club-wide Social Media

OVERVIEW-SSCV has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and will make ongoing posts throughout the season of athletic, academic and organizational announcements, athlete accomplishments, press releases, newsletters, photos, upcoming events, etc., so check back often.  Instagram is photo posts only.

SSCV Volunteer Photographer Opportunities

Capture great photos of your children and their teammates

Earn Volunteer Points at the same time

We need your help in capturing SSCV athletes on camera this season for use in SSCV marketing materials, social media, the web site, newsletters, etc., etc.  This is a great opportunity to earn SSCV volunteer points while watching your child ski or ride.  If you don’t have a camera suited for outdoor action shots SSCV can lend you one for the day.

Click here for volunteer photography opportunities.  Volunteer points below:

  • 60 volunteer points-all volunteer photography opportunities at above link except Alpine Town Series Races and Nordic Town Series Races which are much shorter time period
  • 20 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Race
  • 10 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Awards and Apres Ski Party
  • 30 volunteer points total-Nordic Town Series Race, Awards and Apres Ski Party

If you cannot commit to a volunteer photographer position but you capture any great photographs of your children or their SSCV teammates on snow or off (high resolution if at all possible of 1MB or more) please forward to sschmidt@skiclubvail.org with a note of where the shot was taken and who is in the shot for the uses noted above.