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Early Season Training

2016 SSCV - Early Season Training - Policies and Procedures

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) is offering early season training beginning on Monday November 4, 2016 until Friday December 2, 2016.

Training lanes are on the Golden Peak Race arena at the base of Vail Mountain serviced by Chair #6, the Riva Bahn Express to the mid-way off load. The Vail trail map is available at:  Early season training is available on 329 vertical meters of varied terrain including FIS homologated courses for Slalom and Giant Slalom.

Snow will be prepared to the hardest “race ready” surface possible. Injected lanes are offered for SL and GS as requested. The training arena is lined with a single layer of B-Net and multiple layers where requested and installed by coaches. Training lane layout may be found on-line at: (Use the calendar feature to navigate to November 1, 2016) Additional lanes known as “Main West” parallel the Main Arena offering similar terrain and will be available as soon as snow making weather permits.

Early Season Training

SL Training:

  • Available on any single lane: Boo-Boo, Afterthought, New Cut or Main West.
  • Premium SL training is available as a Main Arena or Main West lane and by combining 2 lanes at an additional charge
  • The injected lanes are Premium Lanes
  • Approximate number of SL gates which can be set:
    • Boo-Boo 35
    • Afterthought 35
    • New Cut 35
    • Main West Regular Lane 35
    • Main Arena Premium Lane 45 (injected)
    • Main West Premium Lane - 55

    GS Training:

  • Available on Main Arena, Main West or by combining 2 lanes
  • Premium GS training is available by combining 3 lanes at an additional charge
  • Approximate number of GS gates which can be set:
    • Boo-Boo/Afterthought 20
    • Main Arena 20
    • Main West 20
    • Boo-Boo/Afterthought/New Cut Premium Lane 30
    • Main West Premium Lane 30

    SG Training:

  • Available during 6:30-9:00am Session
  • Approximate length: Boo-Boo/Afterthought/NewCut/Main Arena - 50sec.
  • Free Skiing:

  • A top to bottom access/egress lane will be preserved in each time slot daily
  • Boo-Boo (West)/Afterthought (West)/Main Arena (East)
  • A skier lane will be created as soon as possible allowing access to the Main Arena lanes from the West so as to reduce free-skiing traffic on Afterthought
  • Additional Main West lanes will be available as soon as snowmaking weather allows parallel and to the West of the existing Main Arena. Projected on November 15.
  • Teams may free-ski for one session per day in addition to their scheduled training session when space is available during the Value Season. (The 6:30-9:00AM training session may not have a dedicated access lane).
  • Lane Logistics

    Lane Training Time Slots:

  • Four - two and one half hour training slots will be available
  • 630-900AM, 900-1130AM, 1130AM-200PM, 200-430PM
  • Coaches will be allowed to load 15 minutes prior to training slot
  • Training must conclude so course setting can begin at 900, 1130 and 200
  • All teams must make 1 slip run after training
  • Organization:

  • Training lanes will be tentatively assigned based on team requests
  • Nightly meetings will be held ½ hour following the final training session of the day at SSCV to coordinate training for the following day

  • Training priority following SSCV programs will be as follows:
    • U.S. Ski Team
    • Other invited National Teams
    • Other invited Teams
    • By level of athletes
    • By length of training stay
    • By other factors to provide the best quality and safest possible environment
    • Priority is given to teams who are utilizing SSCV Lodging partners
    • Teams of compatible athletes will be scheduled in each training time slot
    • Every effort will be made to provide a quality training experience to all guest teams

    Training Lane Requests:
    Early Season Training Reservation Form
    Training requests will be accepted on a priority basis for 2016 as follows:
    1. Teams returning from 2015 season: Guaranteed reservations will be accepted until May 31, 2016. Confirmations will be provided within 15 days or receipt of deposit.
    2. New Teams: Requests will be considered beginning June 1, 2016. Confirmation of reservation will be provided within 15 days of receipt of deposit

  • Training requests must be accompanied by a $1000 non-refundable deposit.
  • Refund Policy: Should Early Season Training not be available on Golden Peak due to lack of snow, visiting teams will receive a complete refund of any deposits received.
  • Cancellation of training: Should any team feel the training is unsafe or the quality doesn’t meet their needs, training may be cancelled for the day without penalty.
  • Costs:

    Please refer to the Early Season Training document here.

  • Each training lane includes up to 10 athlete lift tickets along with unlimited complimentary coach and service lift tickets
  • Teams using SSCV Lodging Partners will receive a 10% discount on all lane and ticket costs
  • A limit of up to 10 additional racers will be allowed on any one lane for a max. of 20
  • Unused lift tickets are non-transferable
  • Lift tickets are valid for one training day
  • Lift tickets are not valid on any other Vail Resorts lifts
  • Gold Cards, Gold Medallions, Season’s Passes, Epic Passes, Colorado Cards or any other complementary or bulk lift tickets are not valid for early season training
  • Shared Lane Charges

  • Individual athletes or small teams may share lanes. The cost of the lane will be split among all athletes by the lane manager. Minimum charge per athlete for shared lanes will be 10% of the lane cost. 10% Partner Discount will be applied to the final bill. **Please indicate “Shared Lanes” on the reservation when intending to share with other teams.**
  • Guest Training with SSCV programs is $250 per day, $1250 per week or $3995 for the month. Lift tickets for individual athletes are an additional $50 per day.
  • Safety & Liability:

  • Team Captains are responsible for insuring a safe and productive training environment on the hill for all teams. SAFETY FIRST.
  • “Start Stop” must be placed on all adjacent starts when slipping of courses is to take place.
  • Technicians with equipment may not descend the course while training is in process.
  • Liability Releases: It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to insure that all adult participants; athletes, coaches, servicemen, press, medical, etc. execute Vail Resorts and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail releases. All minors must have releases signed by parents or LEGAL guardians.
  • 2016 Releases are available here
  • Check if you/your team’s release(s) are filed by clicking here.

  • Executed releases must be returned by Team Leader prior to access to the training venue.
  • The Team Leader of the team holding the lane reservation is responsible for insuring that any guest athletes, staff or other personnel have completed and returned liability releases and confirm lane billing with the Lane Manager.
  • Insurance: Teams or individuals must provide certificates of liability insurance listing Vail Resorts and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail as additionally insured.
  • Lodging Partners:

    Lodging partnerships have been created to meet the needs of our visiting teams. In addition to our first partner; Manor Vail Lodge, The Tivoli Lodge, The Christiania, Racquet Club Mountain Resort and Destination Resorts Vail are SSCV’s Official Lodging Partners. Teams staying with our Lodging Partners receive a 10% discount on all training lanes and lift tickets. Informational flyers for each of our partner properties follow. Please contact your lodging partner of choice to make your arrangements for accommodations.

    Manor Vail Lodge
    The Tivoli Lodge
    The Christiania
    Racquet Club Mountain Resort
    Destination Resorts Vail
    Antlers at Vail

    Conditioning Facilities:
    Available at several of our lodging partners, Minturn Fitness Center, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and throughout the Vail Valley.