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We were voted…
    USSA Freeski Club of the Year 2014
    USSA Freeski Club of the Year 2013

    *The only snowsport program to ever win back to back!

The SSCV Freeski Team offers diverse programming that covers all disciplines of freeskiing: halfpipe, slopestyle, big air, sx and big mountain!  We have a skilled and experienced coaching staff with backgrounds in all areas of skiing. This broad base of knowledge gives us the tools to collaborate and develop each athlete’s individual skills. We have competitive program designed for skiers ages 8 to 28 years young!  From our Rookie Team to our Pro Team athletes, everyone has dreams! These dreams range from USASA Nationals, IFSA Championships, XGames, Dew Tour, World Freeski Tour, movie segments, and the Olympics! We can help improve the skiing of every aspiring athlete from a little rookie to a big pro!  We have been fortunate to collectively work with many National Champions, XGames Medalist and Olympians!  We were honored to be named the USSA Freeski Club of the Year. May 2013 and May 2014 ~ Two years in a row!
We are looking forward to another awesome year…
...and going for the win again in 2018!


Recent Articles

2017 News: Articles & Online

Vail Daily Newspaper Article

2017 USASA Results. Props, got the Biggest Team Award… if there was one!
Many top tens and several Podiums!
12 Overall Awards | 9 Slopestyle Awards | 13 Halfpipe Awards | 13 SkierCross Awards

2017 PPOS Northface competition brought us many results and…
the BIG Team Award for the most submission. Whoohoo!


The below buttons will drop down and show more information on competitions and the various pipelines within the sport of Freeskiing:

Team Signup Form: The online link for all travel


    All travel payments, events, camps and competitions must be entered here. This link is a HUGE help in keeping our extensive travel and elaborate competition schedules organized. Thank you in advance.

Freeski Team Signup Online Link

    Elana Chase: Freeski Program Director -
Vail Cups & Local: Competition Information

Vail Cup

    Available for ages 12 years & under.  Young SSCV athletes will have the opportunity to compete in these events on Sundays - hosted here on Vail’s Golden Peak. Vail Cup events are a series of FREE events for local kids to try competitions in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There will be awards after each event in the backyard of SSCV. There are also overall awards for those who participate in ALL of these events throughout the season. Events include:  Lil’Big Air, Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Moguls, GS, and Lil’Big Mountain. This is the website and Vail Cup Registration Link
    Another entry level local series the Beaver Creek Rail Jambs. Our young Rookie Team athletes will have the opportunity to compete in these also. We will send a coach over to meet athletes a few times during the winter. The entry is FREE or 10bucks. There are good prizes too!
Big Mountain: Competition Information
    International Free Skier Association- There is currently one pathway for Big Mountain junior athletes to compete and rise the ranks. It is through IFSA. All athletes on our Fulltime, Regional & National Big Mountain Teams will need an IFSA License. Athletes need to purchase this competition license before competing our Rocky Series or other regional and National events. Sometime the regional series events have competition categories for ages as young as 10-12 years old. Therefore, a few of our Rookie Team (8-12yrs) athletes may want to purchase a license as well.  The cost is (aprox $70.00) each year. There is also a first time, one event,  option for (aprox $25.00) and you would buy this online in advance also. *If an athletes is younger, they might want to first sample our lil’Big Mountain Vail Cup competition. It’s free! Click on the above tab that says VAIL CUPS. 
    IFSA competitions are broken into age groups. This gives kids the opportunity to compete against regional athletes who are the same age. IFSA Rocky Regional Competitions are hosted at Breckenridge, Sunlight WP, Aspen, and here at Vail! If you are on our National Team or Full Time team there are domestic National competition at Squaw, Taos, Targhee and other mountains. (Please, review our Big Mountain Calendar to see which event we will attend as a team.)
    EVENTS - ALL event registrations for Big Mountain take place the first week of December. The events have limited space and it is very competitive to ‘get in’. Please review the Big Mountain Calendar on our freeski section of this website. The information will familiarize you with the sport and help you know what event we will attend as a team. Our Big Mountain team has very important meeting(s) in the Fall of each year to go over the details of competing, how to register, how our team travel is organized, and other subjects. The date of your meeting(s) are listed in your Big Mountain Calendar  It is important to not miss these meeting, especially if you are interested in competing outside of Colorado. Go to Big Mountain Calendar to see deadlines and updates, cost for all competition registrations and travel. Click on any item on the calendar and it will give you more information. *All travel expense for athletes are above the program fees and some travel costs related to coaches can be above the program fees also.
    * Ski Pass needs for Big Mountain Team members:
    VSSA Full Time Big Mountain - Athletes must have a ski pass that allows them to ski unrestricted starting November 1st at all Vail Resorts. (Copper Pass is optional).
    Part Time Big Mountain- Athletes need to have a ski pass that allows them to ski unrestricted starting Mid-November at Vail Resort. It would behoove you to have a ski pass that can be used at A-Basin & Beaver Creek.  (Copper Pass is optional).
    PROGRAMS - See program description (right column) for more information about your specific program.
Park & Pipe: Competition Information
Below are three pathways for PARK & PIPE athletes to compete.
1.a. USASA- United States of America Snowboard Association- Available for ages 8 years and up. Locations are Vail, Breckenridge, Copper, Steamboat, WinterPark, and Beaver Creek. These events are broken into age groups and region (we are Rocky Series). Therefore, it give kids the opportunity to compete against other regional athletes who are the same age and gage their personal progress.  Also, top athletes in every age group, and every series in the country, can qualify for the end of the year USASA National Championships. Conveniently, this national level competitions is in Colorado at Copper Mountain during the first week of April each year. (Check our Freeski Competition Calendar for specific dates.) Kids come from all over the country to compete at this National Championship and Jamboree.  It is a lot of fun! It is also a great opportunity to broaden these young athletes horizons!  Our local event in the Rocky Series events will have an event fee (approximately $40 per event) and a one time competitor license ($85.00 before Oct 31st $100.00 after). These will need to be purchased in advance of your first event (the latest is the preceding Tuesday by 8:00pm on the Rocky Series Webpage).
    1.b. This USASA license is used for all these USASA events;

2. USSA-United Stated Ski Association - United Stated Ski Association events are available to ages 10yrs and up. This is for the extra motivated Rookie Team Freeski competitor and is a must for our older athletes, 8th, high school, and Pros. Many of our older SSCV Freeski athletes participate in these events because it offers a higher level of competitors and is part of the US Ski Team Olympic pathway and could get an athlete recognized by the US Ski Team and/or identified for the coveted Gold Camp, which take place each Spring. Under the USSA umbrella are nationally ranked events and regional events. We are Rocky Mountain Series. Our Vail Team hosts a home events for this USSA RMD Rocky Series every winter. These events will have an event fee (approx $50.00) and a one membership license ($125.00 for full competitor license). There are cheaper choices for a USSA competitor license , but this full license will scores you to the national ranking system and is the one needed to be recognized for the Colorado AllStar Team* (*explained below) and is the one license level needed to qualify for Junior Olympics and Revolution Tour competitions*. (*explained below)  Also, this license needs to be purchased at the USSA Website in advance of your first event. And each competition event must be paid and registered for, no later than, by the preceding Tuesday by 5:00pm on the Rocky Mountain FREESTYLE Webpage).

    As a Rocky Mountain Skier you need two parts to the license: Buy both of these at USSA Weblink! :Choose “FREESTYLE COMPETITIOR” (Do not choose Freeski)

    For USSA athletes ages 14yrs and up! 
    2.b. USSA + FIS LICENSE is used for GRAND PRIX & WORLD CUP Events. This leads to even higher levels, such as; US Freeskiing Team, Project Gold, World Cup, Olympics. 
    USSA - Grand Prix Schedule - tbd… ask coaches at individual meeting.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This license is an addition fee of (approx $50.00 and it can also be paid for through - CLICK HERE

    This is an amazing perk ONLY given to qualified Colorado Skiers. If you qualify for this honor, given to you by Colorado Ski Country Marketing, you will be able to ski in Colorado for one year, at any colorado ski resort, on any day, FOR FREE! But… it comes with rules & stipulation. These must be followed to a “T” !
    How does an athlete qualify?
      1. Your must have a current USSA ($125.00) license and you MUST pay your RMD ($75.00) dues that will accompany your license. These can be obtained together at USSA.ORG However, make sure to pick the FREESTYLE COMPETITOR LICENSE (it will then add in the RMD Regional dues automatically. (Do not pick Freeski. It doesn’t matter, promise!) 
      2. Athlete must compete in any 4 events in Regional Rocky Mountain Division (RMD), but one must be the Regional Championship for that discipline you think you will rank highest. The qualifying events will be listed here (and only here) on the website. If the event is not on this list, it doesn’t count towards your 4 events.
      3. However, you will acquire your true ranking through your national events (rev tour, JO’s). So even if the competition level is low at your required 4 local RMD events, don’t sweat it. You will gain your ranking for Rev Tour and etc…
      4.You must be a USSA & RMD licensed member for 3 years consecutive. Get started now!
      5. If you are selected, you will be notified in the early summer, June. You will need to reply to the email to accept your honor.
      Next… You will have four obligations to follow:
        1. Be a current USSA & RMD Member that is ‘planning’ to compete the following season.
        2. Attend the physical testing in the Fall -You CANNOT have a make up date. You HAVE TO SHOW UP!
        3. You must pass the fitness test!
        4. You must attend the All Star Team Dinner in Fall.
      10. Vwalla… you will get a Colorado Ski Country CARTE BLANC Ski Pass for one season! It’s totally worth the process to get it!

3. AFP and OPEN (various links see below) - in lieu of licenses,organized competitions series and national governing bodies, there are these “Open” events. Most of these event have their own organizing committee, websites and registrations.  See some popular registrations links below. You can register(pay) for these events separately at each separate website.  Registration is usually time sensitive. All links will be provided on your Since there is no upfront license or paperwork the event organizers ask for their individual WAIVERS to be completed for each event -Don’t forget to do your waivers!  All these events get listed and scored on master ranking called the AFP - Association of Freeski Professionals.  Yes, there is a fee attached to that name AFP (approx $35.00). Make sure to do this if you are 14years or older.

3a. Open Events
Aspen Open - Open Registration

Note: These series are with your USSA license, but an “Open Registration” component. Revolution Tour- 30 Invited Riders and 30 open registration spots. Grand Prix Tour- 40 Invited Riders and (?) some potential open registration spots. 

4.a Invite Events - You need to be ranked very high (at least top 30 on AFP) to be possibly be invited to these events and others that are similar.
Dew Tour- Invite Only
X-Games- Invite Only!
Euro X-Games - Invite Only!

Park & Pipe: Tutorials
The minimum requirements for a busy freeski athlete living in Colorado
    USSA RMD(rocky)  2 HP and 2 SS
    Div. Champ* 1HP   1SS *if can’t attend you must petition to miss event. Or you will not qualify for the All Star Team*. *need a USSA license, registered as ‘Rocky’ to qualify (and for 3 years). *See above section for more details. *Registration closes on Tuesdays before the event weekend at 5:00pm.
    USSA RevTour ALL HP* and/or ALL SS* for best ranking! *minimum two events to be ranked. *need 2 to be pre-qualified from the previous year. *some extra spots will become available and registration will be time sensitive and available near Nov 1st
    USSA /FIS GrandPrix/WC 2HP* and/or 2SS* *need 2 to be pre-qualified from the previous year, on FIS Points list, on AFP ranking. *Registration is usually time sensitive and available near Nov 1st
    USASA   Rocky Series 3 HP and/or 3 SS * Or have your third out of series (see below) Vail or Aspen Series only one out of series counts 1 HP and/or 1 SS *Registration close on Wednesdays before the event weekend at 5:00pm
    AFP* “Open events”  5 HP, 5 SS, 5 BA *Many events are ranked on this list. Including: Rev Tours, USASA Nationals, USASA Rocky Series, Aspen Open, Northface Opens, Grand Prix, Dew Tour, XGames, WSI, etc
    **Hot button registrations (Time sensitive!) These events that will have a specific registration time, date and will fill up quickly!. Rev Tours:  Nov 1 -ish Grand Prix : Nov 1 -ish (invite) Northface:  Nov 8 -ish Aspen Open Nov 1 -ish USSA Junior Nats(Olympics): March and only open for 48hours only! WSI:  end of March (invite)
Scholarship Opportunities
    If you need financial assistance during this year or in the future, below are some options.
    There two USASA options

    Please complete this application and submit IN FULL to the USASA Foundation via email at , subject line NAA Application, due by March 15th Click Here
    2. Check Allen Grant, due by April 15th

    more information


    Other Scholarship options are;

    Sarah Burke Foundation due NOV 1st

    Ryan Hawks Foundation

      Women Sport Foundation - due March 1st(ish) of each year.

      Rally Me - personal fundraising

      SSCV Financial Aide due July 15 & Oct 15 - various deadline