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Human Performance

The SSCV Human Performance Team is a group of professional, certified strength and conditioning coaches, sport and performance psychologists, athletic trainers, physical therapists and orthopedic doctors. The strength and conditioning coaches hold a minimum of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification, the gold standard in the industry, through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). We also have great relationships with Howard Head, Vail Integrated Medical Group and Axis Physical Therapy groups in addition to having full orthopedic support and resources from both The Steadman Clinic as well as Vail Summit Orthopedics. The Human Performance Team is dedicated to the constant growth of each and every athlete through long-term athletic development programming. Strength training and conditioning programs are designed utilizing the industry’s most up to date information and research. These athletes make use of group and personalized plans specific to their development and sport needs. This integrated training system not only focuses on development of proper movement skills through strength and conditioning, but also places a major emphasis on performance testing, injury reduction modalities as well as outsourced sport nutrition and sport psychology available on a fee basis.

Our athletes are required to participate in Minimum Athletic Standard Testing to assess their current performance, fitness and strength levels as well as track their progress from year to year. To reduce the chance of injuries, athletes are screened to identify areas of weaknesses and given corrective and rehabilitation strategies as well as recovery and regeneration tactics to improve. Training also includes basic education in nutrition strategies aimed at educating youth athletes on how to make the best decisions on what they are putting in their body for fuel and recovery to improve their overall performance.

Our program is all encompassing in its approach. The success of our athletes participating in the SSCV Human Performance Program speaks for itself. The leadership of the program is committed to staying on the leading edge of all our programming and research. Even though this program has been in existence for 12 years, we are proud to say that the SSCV Human Performance Program is only getting started! Let us show you how performance training can assist you in achieving your goals in winter sports!