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Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign - Ski and Snowboard Club Vail SSCV is committed to providing the very best snowsport programs and financial aid to help ensure accessibility to all, making the Annual Campaign SSCV’s most important fundraiser each year.  With your donation, SSCV can increase accessibility and achieve the goal of engaging every athlete in improvement, every day by attracting, training and retaining great coaches. The generous donations to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Annual Campaign enable SSCV to build and maintain the very best resources “For the Kids”.

Participation in the Annual Campaign is critical, as much of what we are able to accomplish at SSCV is made possible by a healthy annual giving program.  You may have already made a gift, and if so, we thank you.  Regardless of the size of your gift, participation in the Annual Campaign demonstrates your confidence and belief in Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.  We hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Campaign and show your support of SSCV’s vision and mission.

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Annual Campaign Giving Societies

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is an annual recognition society reserved for some of SSCV’s most generous donors – those who have given $1,500, or more than $50,000, to the Annual Campaign in a fiscal year.  Leadership Council members receive various benefits throughout the season, including invitations to SSCV’s Annual Celebration of Winter Leadership Council Dinner on November 18, 2017.

Leadership Council Giving Levels

2017-2018 Annual Campaign Donors

Thank you to our supporters who have made gifts to SSCV during the 2017-2018 season running May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018.

Alpine Bank
The Leever Family
Les Streeter Group

The Lattner Family Foundation

Gritt and Bill Fleischer
Anne-Marie and John Keane
The Thomas Family

Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman

Lisa and Sam Anderson
Molly and Steve Avery
Stacey and Chris Birtwhistle
The Boyes Family
The Douglas Family
Robin and Kirk Dwyer
Jennifer and Rick Geisman
Veronica and Angel Gonzales
Sharie and Travis Grant
Kimberly and Jon Hauser
The Lautenberg Family
Faith and Daniel Leonard
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Amy and Johnathan Owens
Angel and Kyle Packer
Amy and Craig Roberts
Chelle and Bill Schane
The Sharfstein Family
The Smyth Family
Brielle and Tye Stockton
Kristin Tang
Cynthia and Todd Wallis
Erika and Jim White

Renie and David Gorsuch
Linda and Wyatt Hall
Cornelia and Donald Kraft
The Milligan Family
River Radamus

Friends of SSCV
Fraser Baggaley
Deveral Baker
Robert Baker
Heidi and Dale Bathum
Andrew Becker
The Bentley Family
The Bettenhausen Family
Brett Borgard
Katharine and Madison Brown, Grandparents of Nancy Brown
Riley Campbell
Danielle Chelette
Ryan Clery
Columbine Bakery
Kari Corbin
Brian Eggleton
The Ellefson Family
Mike Fairbrother
Dylan Fiore
Timothy Gardner
Doris and Matt Gobec
Jackie Bove and Greg Graeber
Elle Guillot
Jen and John Hale
Sandra and Richard Hall
Justin Holder
Tiffany Hoversten
Kathleen and Michael Imperi
Gabriel Irlandini
Sylvan Kaufman
Johnny Kemp
Max Lamb
Amy Minnick and Roy Lapidus
Timothy McCall
The Macaluso Family
Geoff Mintz
Beverley Morse
Chris Oglivie
Sam Packer
Lisa Perricone
Connie and Steven Price
Urska and Jaka Rabic-Bevc
Kristina Revello
The Richards Family
The Rogers Family
Elliott Ross
Ben Roy
Gina and Ron Sege
Sarah Schleper
William Schmidt
Susan and Don Shaffer
A.M. and P.C. Soulakis
Emory Strawn
Studio B - Julie Burns
Jason Tannehill
Chris Tetzeli
The Thompson Family
Matt Underhill
Elizabeth and Jerome Wittwer
Mike Wolfson
Bob Zuch

2016-2017 Annual Campaign Donors

Thank you to the following families who are 2016-2017 Leadership Council Members:

Alpine Bank
The Borgen Family
Les Streeter Group
Vail Snow Sports Foundation
Cynnie and Peter Kellogg
Arthur Cabot Holdings
Sarah and Brad Cohn
Epic Promise/Vail Resorts
Randi Borgen and Charlie Holmes
Anne-Marie and John Keane
The Linafelter Family
Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman
Kaia and Misha Moritz
Susan and Pete Neidecker
The Thomas Family
The Andrie Family
Cindy and Scott Balin
Rebecca and Glenn Davis
The Donohue Family Foundation
Ali and John Fallon
Karen and Brad Ghent
Louise and Brian Hoyt
Brenda and Jeff Kirwood
Kenneth Lubin
Maffei Family Foundation
Sarah and Peter Millett
Alison and Kevin Rodney
Chelle and Bill Schane
Cathy and Scott Soden
Brielle and Tye Stockton
The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation
Nancy and Jon Tellor
The Wold Family
Anonymous (2)
Lisa and Sam Anderson
Tracey McFadden and Scott Anderson
Kim Lundstrom and Brad Andrews
Arrigoni Woods
Molly and Steve Avery
Beth and Cameron Bailey
The Birtwhistle Family
Janelle and Buck Blessing
Brooke and Jon-Erik Borgen
The Boyes Family
Cameron and Duncan Burn
Caroline Kid’s Foundation
Elena and Joe Cleary
Sara and Michael Charles
Community First Foundation
Kristen and Brady Dolsen
Jane and Matt Donovan
Sue and Erik Dorf
Dana and Barry Dorfman
McKenna and Kevin Douglas
Robin and Kirk Dwyer
The Dyroff Family
Eagle County School District
Jennifer and Tom Ebner
The Ege Family
Gritt and Bill Fleischer
Stacey Frieder
Jennifer and Rick Geisman
Tracy McCoy Gillette
Veronica and Angel Gonzalez
Grandparents of Hailey and Tanner Grant
Sharie and Travis Grant
Bethany and Jonathan Haerter
Linda and Wyatt Hall
Kimberly and Jon Hauser
The Holm Family
Louise and Phil Hoversten
Colleen Prince and Jeffrey Judd
Debbie and Craig Lathram
Christina and Josh Lautenberg
Lauren and Mike Lazar
Skip Leever
Faith Windsor-Leonard and Daniel Leonard
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Angella and Dwight Merriman
Lindsey and Trent Olsen
Amy and Johnathan Owens
Angel and Kyle Packer
Leslie and Jim Pavelich
Ellen and Matt Proffit
Wendy and Paul Raether
The Rountree-Williams Family
Grandparents of Boden and Hunter Salani
The Sharfstein Family
Skipper & Scout
Ero and Richard Spanos
The Spessard Family
Dr Bill Sterett
The Strauch Family
Kristin Tang
Heidi and Mike Trueblood
Cynthia and Todd Wallis
KH Webb Architects
Lydia and John Woodard
The Bailey Family
Suzi and Mike Bailey
The Braden Family
The Brown Family
The Cole Family
Allyson and Jeff Doctor
Rob Gile
Julie and Craig Heaydon
Maria and Steve Kalapos
Dr. Monica McDonald
Anne and Tom McGonagle
Hillary and Steve McSpadden
Carol Tucker Pattison
Pam Peterson Photography
River Radamus
Shelly and Steve Shanley
Cristina and John Shipp
Kelly and Scott Valent
Heather and Mike Young

Friends of SSCV
The Adelman Family
Max Arredondo
Fraser Baggaley
The Bailey-Kelso Family
Patricia Bain - In Memory of Dr. Jean Marcellot
The Baker Family - In Memory of John “Zeke” Zdechlik
Robert Baker
Todd Ballinger
Stephanie and Scott Barr
Sharon Barrett
Heidi and Dale Bathum
Leah Baxter
CB Bechtel
Caitlin and Andrew Becker
Laura, Martin and Reece Bell
The Bentley Family
The Bervy Family
Cathy and Bill Bethke
The Bettenhausen Family
Sandy and John Black
The Blakslee Family
Onie Bolduc
Jim Bolton
Spencer Booth
Brett Borgard
Scott Bright
Katharine and Madison Brown, Grandparents of Nancy Brown
Anne and Jeff Brown
Renee and Bob Brown
Sandra and Sherman Brown - In memory of Dr Jean Marcellot
The Burns Family
The Burstein Family
Jim and Vince Burtelow
Riley Campbell
Holland and Cooper Carey
Charlotte Carlson
The Carr Family
Elana Chase
The Cole Family
The Conley Family
Melissa Conlon
The Coudouy Family
Karson Cramer-Hack
Beth and Spencer Crick
Elizabeth Criss
Alan B. Crocker
Grant Cunningham
Laura Curthoys
Betsy and Mike Cuthbertson
Bernice and John Davie - In Memory of our friend Jean Marcellot
The Dekko Family
The Derwin Family
Susan and John Dobbs
Matias Doherty
Lara and John Dowling
Dudley Duel
Margaret and Cleive Dumas - In memory of Dr Jean Marcellot
Pat and Jerry Dunkle - In Memory of Jean Marcellot
Eagle Valley Community Fund
The Eggebrecht Family
Brian Eggleton
The Eidson Family
Brian Patrick Eller
Mathilde U & Albert C Elser
Debbie and Darren Epifanio
Annabel Fenwick
Pamela and David Flynn
Meg and Andy Forstl
Laura and Bill Frick
Laura and Peter Frieder
The Frischholz Family
The Gayer Family
Doric and Matt Gobec
Jeff Goldfaden
Ziggy Gosiewski
Alison Greenfield
Kyle Groen
McKinley and Geoff Grimmer
Steve Guarascio
The Guillot Family
Val and Bob Gwyn
The Hargreaves Family
Merritt Harlan
The Harsch Family
Deborah and Rik Heid
Job Hernandez
Julie and Gary Herr
Anne Hintz
Christie and Karl Hochtl
Hayley and Harrison Hodes
Justin Holder
Callie Weiant and Fritz Holleman
The Hopkins Family
Tiffany Hoversten
Ami and Scott Hudgins
Gina Huggins
Alix and David Hyde
Michael Imperi
Shannon and Chad Isaacs
The Jaeger Family
PJ Jenick
Heather Jochtl
The Johnson Family
Carol and TJ Johnson
Elena Jones
Alexia Jurshack
June and Peter Kalkus
Lisa Kazazean
Kelsey King
The Kohlhofer Family
Kevin Krone
Kristina Krone
Cari and John Kust
Max Lamb
Rory and Lindsay Lanning
The Lapidus Family
Kyleena Lathram
The Lawton Family
Broby Leeds
The Leseur Family
Kathy and Bradley Lichtenheld - In honor of the life of Kurt Brandt
The Livran Family
Halsey and Nash Lucas
The Macaluso Family
Jim D Machen honoring Hunter Bailey
Luca and Nico Macouzet
Georgia and William Manby
Deborah Maron
Simon Marsh
The Matarese Family
Chi and Ferrell McClean
Fletcher McDonald
The McGuffin Family
Joy and Jon McIver
Sharon and Dave McCormick
The McMurtry Family
The Meyers Family
Martha and Kevin Milbery
The Milligan Family
Geoff Mintz
The Molloy Family
Rika Moore
J.D. Moriarty
The Negomir Family
Mark Nesline
Betsy and Dirk Nevin
Wendy and Skip Nichamin in honor of Euginnia and Brodie Seyferth
The Nordstrand Family
Amy and Richard Noren
Mary Beth Ottley
The Palmer Family
Brooke and Gary Palumbo
Jan Parker
The Pelletier Family
Allison Ebbets and Eric Pepper
The Perkins Family
Gus Pernetz
Pam Peterson
Crawford Pierce
Deanna Pinder - In memory of Jean Marcellot
Kathy and Roy Plum
Susan Pollack
Brook and Dave Portman
Connie and Steve Price
The Proffit Family
Jen Reed
Beth Reilly
The Richards Family
Amy and Craig Roberts
The Rogers Family
Elena Rogers
The Rohan Family
Elliott Ross
Ella Foshay and Michael Rothfeld
Robert Roussey - In memory of Jean Marcellot
John Russell
Jan and Rick Sackbauer
Hunter and Boden Salani
Kim Salani
Keith Samuelson
Laurel Broy and Henry Sandell
Sergio Sandoval
Sherrie Schaeffer
Tom Schlader
Sarah Schleper
Sharon and John Schmidt
Tracey Schmiedt
The Seabury Family
Euginnia and Brodie Seyferth
De and Mrs Howard Shaffer - In honor of Dr. Jean Marcellot
Susan and Don Shaffer
Team Shiffrin
Slifer, Smith & Frampton on behalf of Kathy Bellamy, Liz Leeds, Hillary McSpadden & Brad Tjossem
Gretchen Sibley
The Silberman Family
Robert R Silverstone and Family
The Smith Family
Heather Smith
Kelley and James Smith
Theresa and Paul Smith
Todd Smith
Bob Sonntag
AM & PC Soulakis
Molly Sparhawk
Erik Steinberg
Campbell Stevenson
Jon Strickler
Dan Stripp
The Sullivan Family
Gibby Sullivan
Cindy Suplizio
The Sutter Family
Danielle Taylor
The Telles Family
The Tetzeli Family
The Thayer Family
Nina and Dan Timm
Danny Triantafillou
Vista Bahn Ski Rentals
Jill and Bob Warner
Judeann and Richard Warner
Rob Webert
Carmen and Dan Weiland
Amy and David Weiss
Elizabeth and Jerome Wittwer
Mike Wolfson
Lori and Paul Wood
Keelan Woodard
Staci and Nate Woolsey
World Cup Supply
Anje and Rob Worrell
The Zdechlik Family
Ann Zibell
Kelia Zigich
Robert Zuch
Dave Zweig

For questions concerning the Annual Campaign, please contact SSCV’s Development Department at 970.790.5133 or by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).